The OPTICS Project

The OPTICS Project is a pilot project designed to provide a forum for true translational science based on Janssen clinical trial (CT) data publicly available to qualified investigators through the Yale Open Data Access Project (YODA) and related publicly-funded observational studies and trials in schizophrenia made available through the NIH dbGaP and the NIMH Schizophrenia Studies.

Goal: Demonstrate the value of an open-science approach for fostering collaborations leading to insights about schizophrenia, therapeutic safety and efficacy, and methods development using both clinical trial and observational data together

Disease understanding may be extended by the identification of subtypes, disease course(s) and/or etiologies.  Novel analytic and design methods are needed for use with different types of data in situations where a common data model is not possible.

This effort is distinct in that it is a time-limited proof of concept for an open-science analytic collaboration based on both clinical trial and observational data sources.  

This is not the establishment of a data repository with a common data model for use in perpetuity. It’s the antithesis; an open-science analytic collaboration designed to leverage the strengths and mitigate weaknesses of each data type, and find synergies among them.

The OPTICS Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of researchers from the NIMH, Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, and Janssen, will provide an environment that is designed to foster collaboration among investigators interested in working with the newly available CT data and building translational science using publicly available data from related studies of the disease (dbGaPNIMH Schizophrenia Studies).  

We encourage investigators interested in any aspect of the project to apply.

Intellectual property generated from this project will be dedicated to the public and free for everyone to use.