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"Toward the comprehension of primary bioelectromagnetic interactions: real time
non-linear OPTICal imaging of BIO-samples under ElectroMagnetic exposure”. 

A 24 months MSCA-IF Project, GA-661041 at CNRS, "Unité Mixte de Recherche" (UMR) 8203, Gustave-Roussy, Univ. Paris-Sud,
Université Paris-Saclay, 
Villejuif, France.

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Look our videos: the OPTIC BIOEM experiments!!!
special thanks to Dr. C. Consales, SSPT- TECS, ENEA, CR Casaccia, Rome Italy.



OPTIC BIOEM  also at

THz BioWorkshop, 4-6 October, ENEA - Frascati, Italy.

Final OPTIC BIOEM results annouced to

Second World Congress on Electroporation, Norfolk VA, USA.

Last experiments of real-time acquisitions of CARS images of cells, one single ns after the EM exposure, are on going!!!

Final results annouced soon.

3D Microdosimetric models of real cells developped!!!

Thank you to our great collaborators Dr. A. Denzi and Prof. M. Liberti.

International PhD student collaborated within the OPTIC BIOEM framework

M. Nardoni PhD. student at Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs (supervised by Prof. S. Petralito) successfully collaborated at CNRS UMR 8203 to measurements of CARS spectra of liposome samples.
Supervisors: C. Merla and L. M. Mir

Master thesis discussed within the OPTIC BIOEM framework

A. Ghorbel successfully discussed last July 2017 her Master Thesis at "Ecole Normale Superieur de Chacan" performed into the framework of the OPTIC BIOEM Project.
Title of the thesis: Real-time non-linear optical spectroscopy analysis on cells corroborated by fluorescence microscopy.
Supervisor: Dr. C. Merla and Dr. L. M. Mir.

OPTIC BIOEM organized a convened session at the next EuCap 2017, Paris March 19-24

OPTIC BIOEM and Other Approaches for Electropulsation in Medicine and Biology

OPTIC BIOEM first CARS experiments on going!!!

First CARS experiments are on going on DC3F cells exposed to microsecond pulses, spectral signatures are under elaboration...

OPTICBIOEM Seminar November 8-9 2016

a joint scientific meeting between CNRS UMR 8203 and ENEA SSPT Division of Health Protection Technologies.

Dissemination and Networking Activity of OPTIC BIOEM MSCA Project
The complete program of the event is available into the section "Documents"

OPTIC BIOEM support participation into EBTT course

As Ambasador of the course on Electroporation Based Technologies and Treatments (EBBT) I suggest the participation into the 10th edition of this event presenting cell membrane electroporation, its mechanisms and applications in biology, medicine and biotechnology.
The basis of the phenomena, current applications and future prospects will be main topics of this international meeting.

November 13-19, 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sicean Workshop under OPTIC BIOEM framework

is scheduled on the next 09/06/2016 at 16:30 during the upcoming BioEM Meeting, Ghent Belgium. http://bioem2016.org/.

With the participation of:
Dr. C. Merla (CNRS UMR 8203, Fr)
Dr. R. Davalos (Virginia Tech, USA)
Dr. A. Denzi (Sapienza University, It)
Dr. A. Silve (KIT, Ge)
Mr. A. Azan (CNRS UMR 8203, Fr)
Mr. M. Monreau (XLIM, Fr)

Working secondment

EM devices fabrication succefully on going with our secondment partener at "Ecole Normal Superieur de Cachan", Institute D' Alembert in collaboration with Dr. R. Ghasemi and Dr. V. Mathet.

Technical formation is going to start at IEF, Orsay, France

To get soon microdevice fabrication and microfluidic integration!

OPTIC BIOEM Seminar February 8-9 2016

a joint scientific meeting between CNRS UMR 8203 and Sapienza University.
Research on electropulsation theretical and experimental outcomes.

The complete program of this event is available into the section "Documents".

OPTIC BIOEM presented at the next BIOEM 2016 Conf

The BioEM2016 meeting will be held at Het Pand in Ghent, which is the culture and congress centre of Ghent University, Belgium, June 5–10, 2016. More details are available at http://bioem2016.org/.