Welcome to the Optical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Laboratory!

The Optical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Laboratory at The University of Akron explores ways of using optical technologies to guide medical diagnoses and treatments. Our research program focuses on bioinstrumentation, intraoperative imaging and low cost medical devices. The overall goal of our program is to bring novel medical instruments and devices from the benchtop to the bedside of patients. We are developing interdisciplinary approaches interfacing optics, electrical engineering, systems engineering, materials science, and medicine to solve challenging medical problems. 

Positions: Our Lab has openings for PhD students. Research assistantship is available. Enthusiastic, hard-working, and self-motivated students with a solid background in engineering (electrical, optical or biomedical) or physics are encouraged to apply. To apply, please send your CV to Dr. Liu. 

Available PhD positions are in the areas of optical imaging, image processing and bioinstrumentation