Veterinary Diagnostics

Introducing the ClearView 2 Optical Imaging System for for Veterinary Use.
  Launching sales in Europe at the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ECVO) annual conference in Antwerp Belgium May 23, 2019.
Previously launched at the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) annual conference in September 26, 2018. 

A whole new view on patient eye care.

Today, successful veterinary practices are realizing the benefits of offering expanded services to their clients. Whether it’s part of an overall wellness program or an enhancement to current diagnostic tools, the addition of specialized services makes for healthier pets, satisfied pet owners and a better bottom line.  Now there's an easy way for you to augment the quality of your care.  The Optibrand ClearView 2 Optical Imaging System is an easy-to-use, affordable, advanced diagnostic tool for veterinary ophthalmic use.




Using patented technology that automatically captures retinal images in a digital format, the ClearView 2 Optical Imaging System is an upgrade from the previous model that projects images onto your iPod Touch for closer examination, discussion with your client and saving to a permanent record. If necessary, you can easily transmit images to a computer or veterinary ophthalmologist for further evaluation. With ClearView 2, you have an even more powerful diagnostic handheld tool using our trusted RetCheck technology from the original model.

The ClearView Optical Imaging System is available from the following distributors.  
For a price quote, or to order, please contact:

North and South American Distributor:

Dan Scott and Associates


                                                               European Distributor:

Eickemeyer - Medizintechnik für Tierärzte KG

Eltastraße 8, 78532 Tuttlingen, Deutschland

Tel.: +49 7461 965800



Asian Distributor:

Meni-One Co., Ltd.

                                                                             No. 4, 390 Ichibagi-cho, Nishi-ku
                                                                         Nagoya, Aichi, 452-0805 Japan