Human Applications

The preservation of one’s eyesight is something that is of utmost importance to an individual and to our society. To achieve this, it is important that a person receives a routine eye examination on a regular basis. Unfortunately, billions of people do not receive routine eye examinations because of the examination cost, the location of eye centers that are too far away, the high cost of retinal cameras to equip centers, and a lack of knowledge about the need for routine examinations. This is a problem in both higher income countries and resource poor countries of the world.

Optibrand identified the need to provide retinal exams to the global community and determined its software could play a vital role in achieving this goal. Optibrand has developed patent pending RetCheck™ Technology which automatically focuses on and captures the best retinal images it detects during a retinal video examination and then can stitch those images together in a single, wide field of view panorama image of the retina. This is all done in real time.  Using the internet, the images can be sent to distant locations for further evaluation, when necessary.  The purpose of such an exam is to serve as a screening tool to identify possible abnormalities in the retina that need further diagnostic work up.

Because of the widespread use of smartphones that provide the computing power, video camera, the ability to connect to the internet, and the portability in order to bring eye care to the patient, the RetCheck Technology was adapted to perform on either an Android or iPhone device.


Optibrand Collaborations

Volk Optical, Inc.

Optibrand has signed a global licensing agreement regarding the use of Optibrand's patented RetCheck Technology software with Volk Optical, Inc. The RetCheck software is a key component of Volk's iPhone based retinal imaging camera sold under the trade name Volk iNview TM which was launched in November 2015 at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Volk Optical, Inc. is located in Mentor, Ohio, distributes its products in over 100 countries and is the global leader in the handheld retinal imaging lens market.

As part of the eye examination, a video of the retina is conducted with Optibrand's software automatically extracting in real time from the video stream the best retinal images it detects that can then be used for diagnostic evaluation. The extracted images can then be viewed immediately, stored in the patient record or transmitted via the internet to another location for evaluation.

Peek Vision

Panorama Image Using Peek Device

Optibrand has collaborated with Peek Vision to place its RetCheck software on their Galaxy device in order to capture retinal images during field exams in a variety of locations in Africa. 

Peek Vision is a UK based organization whose vision is to empower all health workers to diagnose eye diseases and simplify managing and monitoring treatment of patients, anywhere in the world.  By harnessing mobile phone apps, hardware, and rigorous scientific testing, they have created an easy to use, affordable and portable system for testing eyes anywhere in the world.  For more information about Peek Vision, please visit their website at or view this video introducing their project: Peek Vision

Retinal Image using Volk Lens

Other Projects

Optibrand is working with a major global optical equipment company based in the U.S., to use the RetCheck software, an iPhone 5S, and a bracket to hold a retinal imaging lens to capture wide field of view retinal images.

This low cost, portable device will provide a tool for health care workers in community health centers, optometry offices, private practice clinics, and hospital emergency rooms to easily and quickly capture retinal images of patients.

The RetCheck software has also been adapted to perform with video indirect ophthalmoscopes which are commonly used by optometrists and ophthalmologists. The software will automatically extract the best single images it detects from the video stream which will greatly reduce resources needed when capturing the video and when selecting images from the video stream.  The availability and capabilities of more powerful smartphones has allowed for a myriad of medical diagnostic applications to be added to the phones allowing for more widespread and more economical ways to deliver healthcare around the world.  Optibrand is open to investigating opportunities with other interested parties.

  Newborn and Infant Screening

A small percentage of newborns are born with retinal abnormalities or can develop them shortly after birth. There is no practical way to routinely examine newborns and infants for these abnormalities while newborn screening for hearing defects is mandated in all of the U.S.

The ability for the RetCheck Technology to be placed on a smartphone opens up possibilities of large scale screening of newborns. The software automatically captures the best images of the retina and does not require a patient to respond to directional commands as would be the case with newborns and infants.

In many cases of these early childhood retinal issues, the earlier they can be detected, the earlier corrective treatment can be instituted resulting in a better chance for a successful outcome.

Identification Application

The RetCheck software can be adapted to perform with a variety of devices to image retinas from non-dilated patients for the purpose of identification through the matching of the retinal vasculature patterns. This type of system is easy to use, low cost, and portable.

Retinal imaging as a human identification biomarker is considerably more resistant to fraud when compared to iris, fingerprint, and facial recognition identification systems because it utilizes a biomarker that cannot be passively acquired without the subject’s knowledge and should be considered as part of any complete security solution offering.