Graduation Requirements

245 Academic Credits and 5 Activity Credits

Academic Credits Must Include:

English - 45 credits
    English I
    English II
    American Lit/Comp or Junior Lit/Comp

    British Lit/Comp or Senior Lit/Comp
    Intro to Public Speaking
(5 credits)
Social Studies - 30 credits
    World History
    19th Century American History
    20th Century American History (S1) /American Government (S2)

Science - 30 credits
    Physical Science
    Biology I
    Chemistry I or Anatomy/Physiology or Topics in Science

Mathematics - 30 credits

    Algebra I   or    Algebra IA
    Geometry  or    Algebra IB
    Algebra II  or    Basic Geometry

Physical Education - 10 credits

    Boys/Girls Physical Education/Health

Business - 5 credits

    Computer Application

Elective Credits (additional academic courses) - 95 credits

Activity Credits - 5 Credits
Students must complete 5 activity credits to meet graduation requirements.  Activity credits should be completed by the end of your sophomore year.  Involvement in any of these activities will earn 2 1/2 activity credits each:

*Athletics        Speech Team        National Honor Society        Cheerleader
Drill Team       Chess Club            Pep Band                           "O" Club
Musical           FCCLA                  FFA                                      One Act Play
                                                    Student Council                   
Robotics Team

*2 1/2 credits per sport per year
Four Year Plan:
    Freshmen:                        Sophomore:                                Junior:                                       Senior:                                                                                            
        English I                            English II                                    English                                    English
        Math                                  Math                                           Math                                        7 more classes
        Physical Science               Biology                                       Science
        World History                     19th Century History                  20th Cen. History/Am. Gov.
        P.E./Health                        Comp. Apps/Speech                   4 more classes
        3 more classes                  3 more classes