Region 3 Picnic 2008

Picnic Committee Members:

Chair: Pete Wright                                 Communications: Stacey Tomblin
Food: Judith Richardson Drinks: Dan Murphy
Entertainment: Pete Wright and Cindy Hayes-Wright
Face Painting: Silvanna Petersen Board Liason: Claire Rowett


Region 3 Picnic

The 1st Annual Region 3 Picnic was a fantastic success. 
Emily park proved to be a perfect location for the nearly 100 attendees.
There was lots of food, prizes and laughter as the members and their families enjoyed the gorgeous August sun,  The kids had a blast , bouncing in the castle, getting their faces painted, blowing bubbles and hunting for dinosaur eggs.  not to mention participating in the Kiddie Olympics. 
We had several draws for a couple of kid's bikes , and adult weekend away and a $50 prize donated by President Smokey Thomas. 
The Region 3 Executive board send a huge Thank You ! to the Picnic Committee and everyone who helped with the set up, cooking & serving and the all important clean-up afterwards.  Well done!
Can't wait for 2009
If you have any pictures that you want to share on the website please forward them on.  We like to hear your comments and those of your kids on how the day went.
Again big congrats to everyone who organized, assisted cooked cleaned and participated .  it just goes to prove that Together we can achieve the extraordinary.
Claire Rowett EBM 

See a photo that you want  (instructions)