October 2008 

Regional EBM Report




Hello all – sorry it’s been so long since our last report. Lots has been happening so we’ve cut it down to a few highlighted items. If there is anything in particular you’d like the board to report on, please let us know and we’ll ensure it’s included in our report where possible.

LHIN’s: Still going strong. Recently your executive board passed the unused CLC funding to support the LHIN’s campaign. While LHIN’s are now a part of our communities, it would appear that Hospital Boards are not consulting the users of the system, namely the communities, on how to reach a balanced budget. More and more services are being slashed, sent out to the private communities or simply not being provided by the hospitals anymore. The community is supposed to be involved, and have input as to the services required. This campaign is to ensure that involvement occurs.

HPD: The board passed the new negotiating procedures for the Hospital Professional division. Along with some minor housekeeping changes, it will increase the number of delegates attending demand setting to 2 per Divisional Bargaining Unit.

Greening OPSEU: Is also still underway. Recently H.O. started it’s ‘no bottled water’ policy to reduce the plastic contribution to our landfills. The fountains have been re-filtered and soon it will be the main source of drinking water in the building. Soon an audit will be done on the lighting at H.O. and improvements made there as well.

Kid’s Matter: Recently the board passed funding to create community based coalitions of union, agency, parents and children’s mental health experts across Ontario. The goal is to raise public awareness of the importance of children’s mental health services and the problems that currently exist in the sector. Also, the campaign will build local capacity and develop an active base of members to work with the community and generate political pressure on government to make the necessary changes.

New members Organized: a huge congratulations to the Organizing department and our very own Leslie Saunders who help organize 800 new members into OPSEU. 700 come from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, located in Ottawa. How fantastic is that?!?!

Health and Safety liaison: At the last board meeting a presentation was made to have a liaison from the board to the H&S Advisory Committee. The board passed the motion and Lynn Orzel, EBM Reg4, will be on that committee.

Resolution L29 – Elder Care: This resolution was carried at the October board meeting. OPSEU will lobby the government to mandate a national Elder Care Act reflective of the National Childcare Act. This is to ensure that the government does everything in it’s power to provide care that is dignified and equitable to our elders and their care givers.

Entering the techie age: OPSEU H.O. is currently upgrading our communication system to eventually hold video conferences as a cost and environment saving measure. Get your Web Cam’s working!!


This is certainly up and running across the province in many sectors. We’d like to thank the following region 3 mobilizers for stepping up to the plate and wish them luck in their endeavors:

OPS: Derek Bailey – L362

Ken Hord – L310

Glenna Caldwell – L302

LBED: Marlon Ried – L377

Federal Elections:

Well this may not have turned out the way OPSEU had hoped, but at least the Conservatives didn’t get a majority government. Big thanks to Barb Barry – local 380 and Kim King – local 302 for their exhaustive efforts to get the members out voting. Great job!

From your Regional VP

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa to represent OPSEU by participating in an international Recognition for Prior Learning (Prior Learning Assessment) Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. As part of the OPSEU delegation there we also visited the Workers' College, a college specifically for trade unionists. We also had meetings with other unions and universities that the Workers' College is associated with.

Brief words cannot begin to describe the experience. We also visited some Stephen Lewis Foundation supported AIDS/HIV projects, in particular the one that OPSEU supported at Convention last year. It was good to see that our donations were being put to very good use but so much more needs to be done.

I'll send a full report out to the Region within the next month.

Sad News:

Tammy Kirkwood, a long time OPSEU activist was injured in a serious car accident on her way to work on October 24th. She is presently in  Sunnybrook Hospital

Tammy is a steward at L 369, Cental North Correctional Centre in Penetang. Prior to this she was a steward at Huronia Regional Centre.

Please join us in keeping Tammy in our thoughts and prayers.

Dates to remember:

Regionals - March 28/09, Delta East Kennedy Road, Scarborough

Convention - April 23-25/09, Sheraton Hotel, Toronto

Region 3 T-shirts are here!!! If your local is interested in purchasing some here are the details:

Men’s cut only – sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL Red or Black with a Gold logo

Price - $10/ea or $25 for three

Well that’s it for now but certainly not all there is. Next board meeting in November will deal with the OSPEU budget – wish us luck that we can present another balanced budget to Convention in 2009.

Together, in solidarity, we can achieve the extraordinary.

Your Region 3 Executive Board

Patty Rout, 1st VP/Treasurer

Doris Middleton, Regional Vice President

Claire Rowett, Executive Board Member