Letters from South Africa

Doris Middleton is in South Africa on OPSEU business and sent us this e-mail 

Subject: hello from South Africa
Sent: Oct 14, 2008 2:56 AM

Just wanted to say hello from sunny South Africa, and all is well here.
South Africa is definitely an experience, i would say at the end of the day
a life altering one. We toured the apartheid museum yesterday, certainly very 
moving and revealing.
 Our hosts have been very wonderful, we are fortunate to have 
them as we are able to see and experience parts of South Africa that one
never would without being with residents from here.
We also visited east end clinic in Alexander, a suburb of Johannesburg, 
where the Gogo Grannies Project is. To see funding from the Steven Lewis
foundation really at work was definitely moving. A took a video on my
camera but not sure if it will turn out!

Keep in touch, we get one hour gratis on internet a day at our hotel.
We are headed to meet with two trade unions today. The RPL Conference starts
this evening.
In Solidarity
Doris Middleton