OPSEU      Ontario Public Service Employees Union       Local 508                                                                                                                     
 Our members are located in downtown Toronto at:
                 77 Wellesley  Ferguson Block          2 to 19 th Floors
                 155 University                                   5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 18th Floors   
                  901 King St West                             3, 4th Floors     

Whenever OPSEU members gather, we welcome all peoples of the world.  We will not accept any unwelcoming words, actions, or behaviours against our sisters and brothers.  We accord respect to all persons, including people of colour, women, men, First Nations men and women, Metis or other Aboriginal peoples, members of ethno-racial groups, people with disabilities, gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered peoples, francophones and all persons whose mother tongue is not English.  In our diversity we will build solidarity as union sisters and brothers.

                 155 University                      901 King St W                   77 Wellesley W Ferguson Block           Map of our Locations         Region 5 Office 31 Wellesley E (virtual tour) 
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 Local 508 Local Executive Commitee (LEC)
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Thu Feb 11 2010 LEC Meeting                                Tues May 18 2010 Finance Meeting          Thu Aug 12 2010 LEC Meeting
Dale Dennis Dawn Theresa Mary                             Dale Vera Esther Timolin Bibi Dennis          Dale        Vera     Esther Bibi Dennis
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Upcoming Meetings
Past Meetings    
        1     Local 508 Festive Seasonal Party Tuesday Dec 12 2011 12 - 1 pm at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre
               Election for Health and Safety Representatives,
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         1     Local 508 General Membership Meeting    Thu Sep 30 2010 12 - 1 pm   at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre
                Elections for Information Stewards, Union Stewards, Secretary, Treasurer and OPSEU 2010 Divisional Meeting Delegates, Alternates and Observers
                Local Finances, Local 2010 Budget, Presidents Report, 0 % 2013 / 0 % 2014 update 



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        2     OPSEU Convention 2010    Thu May 6  Fri May 7  Sat May 8 2010                
 Dawn registering                               Marlene and Dawn                          Bibi, Timolin and Marlene                     Dale and Richard (Right side)
 Day 1 Thur May 5                             at Overfull Room                             waiting for start of Rally                        on floor of convention
OPSEU President 'Smokey' Thomas
at OPSEU Convention 2010 with
Local 508 President Dale Divell                
Noline (Local 502) winner of the Health an Safety Award
Local 508 President Dale Divell                
    The theme of OPSEU's 2010 Convention is "Rise Up"
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2010-05-07 Building Local Capacity

7 May 2010 Lunch Time Workshop

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2010-05-05 2010 Budget Review

5 May 2010 Budget Review Evening Presentation and Q&A

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  2010-05-06 Region 5 Awards
  6 May 2010
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MGS MERC Caucus                          Women's Committee
   3     Thursday May 06 2010                Rally at 400 University Ministry of Labour        

During lunch hundreds of members from OPSEU, United Food, Commercial Workers and United Steelworkers of America (USW) gathered for a march from  Sheraton Centre to the Ministry of Labour.  We demanded justice for the post-secondary part-time workers who have had unreasonable delays in the counting of union certification ballots.  Smokey Thomas and Patty Rout lead the charge. Speakers included CAAT members Betty Cree,Candy Lindsay and Roger Couvrette; Larry Brown, National Union Public Government Employees; Terry Downey OFL; Ken Newman USW and John Cartwright Toronto and York Region Labour Council.                                                                                                                                            To see a few pictures and click on the following links          Play slideshow  (31 pics)
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         4     Wednesday May 05 2010            Demonstration 40 King St E                          
On Wednesday, May 5, 2010 many OPSEU members gathered at the Sheraton Hotel to demonstrate their anger and dismay outside the Scotia Plaza to shake up the Liberals while former Premier David Peterson and brother Jim were hosting a $350/person fundraser for MPP Madeleine Meilleur with special guest Sandra Pupatello at the headquarters of blue chip Bay Street law firm Cassells Brock LLP.
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         5     Monday April 19 2010 The Ontario government is handing out  more big tax breaks to the rich in their recent budget.  To celebrate this windfall a number
                of grateful recipients are having a $950 a plate dinner with the Liberal Finance Minister  To help pay for this “generosity” the government announced 
                further cuts to public services and public sector wage freezes for us.  Local 508 was there to greet Minister Duncan.        New  
Information Picket Line                 Banking Grand Ballroom - $ 950 / plate   Police talking to Picket Line    Dalton serving Ontario to some "Fat Cats" 
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        6    Tuesday February 16, 2010 12 - 1 pm   Local 508 Annual General Membership Meeting  at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre

              Elections for Information Stewards, Union Stewards, Treasurer, Trustee
              Health and Safety Committee Members for 155 University and 901 King locations
              OPSEU Annual Convention Delegates, Alternates and Observers
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 Presidents Message from  Local 508 Annual General Membership Meeting   - scroll to read message

2010-02-16 AGM Feb 2010_Presidents Doc1

         7     Tuesday December 8, 2009 12 - 1 pm   Local 508 Festive Seasonal Biannual Festive Party  at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre


8 Dec 2009
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           8     Tuesday October 13 2009 5:30 - 7:30 pm   OPSEU Census ... Count Me In  at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre
OPSEU is planning to survey all it members in November.
This was an information session for Region 5 Presidents and Activists in Toronto.
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            9      Wednesday September 23 2009 5:30 - 7:30 pm GTAC Meeting at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre to discuss: 

Presentation by Steve from CEP (Communication, Electrical and Paperworkers Union)

Presentation by workers from CUPE and OPSEU on workers issues in the Middle East (Palestine and Isreal). 

Exec Board Reports: Nancy & Derek

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             10     Wednesday September 16 2009 12 - 1 pm  Meet and Greet  901 King St W OPSEU Members and their Local 508 Executive
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            11     Wednesday June 10 28 2009 5:30 - 7:30 pm GTAC Meeting at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre to discuss: 

Presentation from the Tamil Congress on the continuing Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka

Update from The Liquor Board employees Division (LBED) of OPSEU


Exec Board Reports: Nancy & Derek

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            12   Local 508 Work Place Problem Resolution Lunch and Learns       Wednesday June 3 2009 12 - 1 pm
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           13       Thursday May 28 2009 5:30 - 7:30 pm Presidents and Activists Meeting at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre to discuss Ontario’s Response to the Economic Crisis and how it effects Communities.

Two CUPE activist’s were present to discuss ‘Stop the Raids”. In Ontario over the last several months immigration and police are raiding farms and factories and arresting workers for illegal working without proper permits. These actions are denying basic legal and human rights to newly arrived immigrants and refugees.

The main topic was Ontario’s Response to the Economic Crisis.  Public forum’s are going to be set up in all regions across Ontario, to discuss with a panel of experts and do Q & A’s.

Resources have been set aside and Region 5 is looking for a coordinator and volunteers to make this happen in June. The OFL and CLC are planning similar events.  

                         Timolin and Richard were present representing Local 508 at the meeting.

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            14    Stewards Assembly  May 5 2008  5:30 - 9 pm attended by Hugh and Richard
                        Hugh             Richard       Dereck  (Executive Board Member)     Play slideshow  12 pics
           15     OPSEU Convention 2009    April  23, 24, 25 2009        Convention Theme    "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize" 
                           attended by Timolin, Vera, Richard, Dennis and Dale to represent Local 508 interests    
                           click attachments below to see Converntion Highlights pdf     from Day 1 and Day 2 of convention
                                                Richard and  Dale                       Dale and David                      Convention Logo           
                                                                                     (retiring Executive Board Member)  
          16     From our Local 508 General Membership Meeting Feb 26 2009 at 31 Wellesley Membership Centre
                               For a few pictures of the event. http://www.flickr.com/photos/35817713@N05/sets/72157614427934827/show/   8 pics
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