2017.04.05 I have posted some R code for working with asset market data (link).

2017.03.23 I have started working as a Senior Scientist / Lab Manager at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. I remain working part-time at the University of Vienna.

2016.09.05 My paper "Experimental asset markets: A survey of recent developments" with Natalia Shestakova has been published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance.

2016.02.17 I have created a "Mispricing calculator".

2016.02.15 My paper "Numeraire independence and the measurement of mispricing in experimental asset markets" has been published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance.

2015.11.12 I presented "Measuring market mispricing: theory and data" at the ASSET conference in Granada.

ASSET Granada 2015 Presentation
Emetrix 2015 Presentation

2015.09.09 Download Pong for zTree (single player).

2015.08.28 Natalia Shestakova will present our joint work "Market size and bubbles" at the ESA meeting in Heidelberg next week.

2015.04.01 Revised version of "Measuring mispricing in experimental asset markets" is now available.

2015.03.24 Working paper of "Experimental Asset Markets: Behaviour and Bubbles" is now available.


I am a Senior Scientist at the University of Vienna in Austria, where I also manage the VCEE experimental lab. My research interests are experimental markets, measuring growth and computational economics. I maintain a collection of literature on asset market experiments. I enjoy teaching many topics, particularly mathematical methods, econometrics and computational methods. Other interests include software development, farming and languages. My CV provides more details.



Room 05.331

Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1

1090 Vienna