Plans of Cemetery

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     Cemetery plan Opotiki Public / Waitangi

The earliest grave on record is 1875. Burials continue to date 2010. There are no burial records from 1875  until 1901 but some graves from this period have headstones. Records have been researched at Registrar General BDM Wellington from 1860-1895.
Burials conducted by family : as well as formal
Undertakers who were listed as:
A Anderson .....about 1909
G O Griffiths........1926
CCP Crosswell....1927
Griffiths & Pipe....1947
Joe Langford ......1958
Jack Tai Funeral Edgecombe
Curran Funeral Home Whakatane
Roselyn Funerals Opotiki
Brent Willetts Funeral Services Whakatane
Gateway Funeral Services Whakatane


St John Street/ Duke Street/State
Highway 2, Opotiki.
This cemetery is situated on the main
State Highway 2 to Gisborne, on the
South side of the Opotiki township along St John Street,at the corner of Duke Street.
The cemetery is divided into sections.

OLDEST cemetery  [shown in white]
was opened about 1875.
The oldest section, and two others
Section A-E, Section F- L are on the
north side of a creek which divides the cemetery. A-L were used from 1919.
Section 5  [Black triangle] at top of plan
has been used from 2001.
Section 4 [shown in lemon] including
Niche Wall and RSA section
[small segment purple] on left started
about 1978.
Section 3 [blue]  Used from about 1965.
Section 2 [orange] began January 1948.
Section 1[ purple] with 2 RSA sections
nearest gate. Began use June 1939.

 Lawn Section 1 M-D
  Lawn Section 1 E-Z
          Old cem sections ABCDE


       Old cem sections FGHIJKL