Opotiki Cemeteries / Urupa. 1875 until 2017.



Situated on Saint John St / Waioeka Rd /State Highway 2, Opotiki, on the main road to Gisborne.
Earliest grave recorded is 1875. Burials continue to date 2014.
There are few records from 1875 - 1900.
The cemetery is divided into two sections with the oldest part on the North side of a creek. In 1964 severe flooding of the whole township caused damage to this cemetery and some graves have never been fully repaired.
 The 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake toppled some headstones.
Crossing the creek to the South, there are five modern sections laid out, as well as  RSA parts, cremation strip and a niche wall.
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     [Kelly Street]

This closed cemetery is an open field near the centre of the town.  It was in disrepair as early as 1912. Some mention of 60 graves was made in 1923 [RSA correspondence] but only 7 marked graves were there then. The whole character of the cemetery had disappeared.

In 1986 the Opotiki Council found disinterrment of an unknown number of graves was impracticable. Today [2010] the reserve is mown.   The Victoria League's marble monument to men who fought in the Land Wars is worthy of note. Edith Statham was the secretary of Victoria League.

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  [Ranginui Urupa]

This cemetery
was newly opened in 2008 on Dip Road , Woodlands.

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