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Creative Communities NZ Scheme 

[www.creativenz.govt.nz/ccs] which provides funding for local arts activities, gave us a grant which made it possible for the data to be entered by skilled programmers.

We would like to acknowledge this funding assistance grant.

Mrs Mary S. Mackey/Taylor copied the early cemetery records by hand and also took information from headstones between 1979/1981, which gave us a valuable second reference. 

Data keying was done by Rita Maxwell and Rebecca McKillop in Nov 2010 / Jan 2011. Headstones were photographed during 2010 by Sonia Edwards, with earlier funding help from Creative Communities NZ.


  This website provides access to information held at the Opotiki District Council about burials at three public cemeteries in Opotiki Township. This site contains a burials list and photos of headstones where they still stand.

The earliest date is 10 Feb.1875.  The latest date Dec 2010. The Old Military Cemetery has a few earlier headstones from the 1860's. The Opotiki District Council has been most supportive of this project.  Some burial dates were obtained from BDM records in Wellington, with permission for research there. Gaps may still be found between 1895-1900.

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