What is OPOS ?
OPOS is the simplest cooking technique on earth. It uses One pot and all cooking is done at One Shot. No steps, sequences or supervision required. OPOS seeks to unchain you from the stove, make cooking drudgery free and empower anyone to cook confidently.

All OPOS recipes listed here are just a list of ingredients followed by a very brief cooking method. Learn one, and you have learnt them all.
Cooking method 1: Pressure cook.
Cooking method 2: Blend all.
Cooking method 3: Mix all.

Why OPOS ?
OPOS is Green. One vessel to wash.
OPOS is Clean. Hygienic by design.
OPOS is Fast. 10 mins to fresh food.
OPOS is Liberating. No supervision.
OPOS is Healthy. Less oil used. More nutrients retained.
OPOS is Consistent. Same results every time.
OPOS is Flexible. Cook your way!
... but be warned ! OPOS is Addictive. There is no going back !

Is OPOS just a fancy name for something we have always been doing ?
One Pot cooking is what we have always been doing. The emphasis here is on One Shot. It is One Shot that unchains you from the stove.Those recipes are exceedingly rare. OPOS makes possible cooking a complete feast in a single shot. 
OPOS is all about Themes. Themes are universal. Each cuisine interprets the same theme with local ingredients into local recipes. Each OPOS theme is a template for a huge number of recipes you can easily cook up by just varying the building blocks.

What equipment do I need ?
A small pressure cooker, an Induction stove, a stick blender, measuring cups and spoons, a knife, a cutting board, grater & peeler. That's all the 'kitchen' you will ever need. All OPOS recipes you see below are designed to be cooked with just these and nothing more.

Where are the recipes ?
All OPOS cards from 1-200 are now updated in the album below

You can view them at the drop box link below

KR has compiled them into a site

The hyperlinks are at