Welcome to Operation Killing Bay ~ 2018/19 season

The Anonymous collective have been watching and attacking Japan for 6 years.

So once again from the 1st of September Anonymous will relaunch #OpKillingBay

We will target Government servers: Taiji and Wakayama local government sites.

Everyone involved with Taiji will be a Target.

Use our tweet sheets  to raise awareness around the world.

Its important to use your voice against the worlds atrocities our governments ignore.

We ask that you rise up and join your voice with ours against the slaughter and 

capture of wild dolphins to be sold to dolphinariums. 

More people than ever know about the dolphin drive hunts taking place in the town of Taiji, 


We need to keep up the momentum. 

Every morning from the 1st of September, the "fishermen" of Taiji go out in their boats in

 search of dolphins to slaughter or capture.

The dolphins are driven into a cove and the entrance sealed. Thats when the selection process begins.

Depending on the species, the captors will select the pretty ones for marine parks where they 

will live a life of slavery for YOUR  entertainment. 

The rest of the dolphins are brutally slaughtered and the meat sold. 

Please support The Sea Shepherd Conservation society and the Dolphin Project/ 

 The Dolphin Project will be on the ground in Taiji  live streaming as the slaughters occur.

Follow them here: