Operation Killing Bay #EU

Watching the recent events in the Faroe Islands pushed us to release #OpKillingBay EU. 
The slaughter of innocent dolphins will not be tolerated no matter where in the world it is.

There's no whaling "profession" on the islands. Everyone has a regular day job, but if they're available when the call goes out for a grind—usually over cell phones, the radio, or social media—then they'll try to get to the water in time for the hunt.

Being opportunistic hunters who launch a grind when the conditions are right. The animals are driven to one of 23 beaches approved as a landing beach. 

A dozen or more powerboats are used to drive the animals toward shore sometimes taking hours. 
Then the whales, fighting exhaustion are slaughtered on the beach with a cheering crowd to applaud their death.

This year they plan to use a new spinal knife (Taiji adapted this weapon of choice) which is forced into the back of the skull to sever the spinal cord. The process is very distressing as the animals are killed one by one in front of their family.
The Faroese usually target long finned pilot whales, although they will also take bottle nose dolphins,white-sided dolphins, and Risso's dolphins. Risso's dolphins are sometimes landed even though they aren't on the Faroe government's list of species approved for hunting. No species are safe, they even have slaughtered killer whales! 
Watch the video, read the info and get involved in the fight against this barbaric "tradition"