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#2206 Contact Wire Frogs (12/pkg)
(For HO, S and O Scale)
$12.95 pkg

Our popular Contact Wire Frogs (also known as "switch pans") are designed so they can be used with both trolley pole and pantograph equipped rolling stock. They are designed in accordance with NMRA Standards for use with HO, S & O Scale trolley poles. They accept .016" diameter contact wire and have been used by traction modelers and clubs the world over since 1988. These reliable and rugged contact wire frogs come packaged 12 per box.


 #2216 HO Contact Wire Hangers (12/pkg)
 $5.95 pkg

These precision lost wax castings are made specifically for trolley pole
operation. Used mainly to suspend contact wire from span wires and line poles.

HO Trolley Pole Springs (10/pkg)
  .345" long   (8.763 mm)
  .040" diameter (1.016 mm)
      $ 5.95 pkg 


     New!     #2218 HO Brass Operating Pantograph
                 All brass construction, fully equalized, features real glass insulators on mounting pins.
       $24.95 ea
Temporarily Out Of Stock - Please Check Later

#2230 HO Operating Wig-Wag Signal.......................................................$49.95 ea

Constructed of brass, runs on 12VDC, easy to install. Instructions included.

Coming Soon!

 #2211 Two-Spring Operating Trolley Pole with Wheel-type Collector
$9.95 ea

Comes with a wheel-type slider. The solid brass pick-up wheel helps keep the contact wire clean as there is no solder in the assembly to rub off and foul the overhead wire. It is made  with a positive up stop to prevent the pole from going over center in case of a de-wirement. It  comes with a 2/56 threaded base, insulating nylon roof bushing, brass nuts and a brass hold  down hook.  Also available with .032 pin-type base.



# 2212 HO Two-Spring Operating Trolley Pole with Shoe-type Collector

$9.95 ea

Comes with 2-56 threaded base with nylon bushing and nuts. Also available with .032 pin-type base.




 #2214 HO Operating Trolley Pole with Elevated Base
$16.95 ea

 This trolley pole is designed for use on Birney and other low-slung cars where the trolley pole  needs a bit of additional reach. It comes with a wheel-type slider, two hold-down hook  assemblies, a pre-wired base, and instructions. The pin-type base gives the trolley pole a  complete 360 degree swivel with no binding or side loads. Optional shoe-type slider available  on request.

#2215 HO Operating Four-Spring Trolley Pole
$15.95 ea

Available with your choice of 2-56 threaded base with nylon bushing and nuts -or- with .032 pin-type base.

Custom Trolley Poles Made To Order 
Need longer poles? Shorter poles? Special collectors? A different style
of base? A different scale? No Problem! We make trolley poles to your specifications.

 #2201 HO Single Arm Line Poles
$ 4.95 ea

Made from solid brass and feature built-in hanger castings and threaded bases.


#2205 HO Span Poles - Set of 10
$18.95 ea

All brass construction. Features brass eyelet for securing span wire.


Contact Wire - Nickel-Silver, .016 diameter, 100'
$12.95 ea


Contact Wire - Phosphor-Bronze, .016 diameter, 100'
$12.95 ea 

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