Power Party Sculpt (PPS)

Class Description

Party Power Sculpt (PPS) dance party workout is like going to the club on a Friday night without the guilt of all those electric blue shots followed by the 2 AM hot dog binge. This “class” is an hour’s worth of disco-ball-turnin’, top-pop-hits-bangin’, sweaty FUN. Dance moves will be taught to specific songs (Beyonce, Gaga, Janet, etc etc) that will rotate in and out of the groove repertoire. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY because PPS is all about having a good time while burning some serious calories. There will be no series of pliés or mandatory leotards with pink tights, and there is never one way the moves should be done. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and free to move the way your body wants to (shoes optional). Make Thursday your “dance like nobody’s watchin” night!

What to wear? Come dressed to feel comfortable and fun! Wear something you can move in with tennis shoes or bare feet.