Welcome to the website of Richard Opheim, writer, editor, and self-publishing consultant, offering the following services:
  • Editing—editorial review, copy editing, layout, and scanning/image preparation.
  • Self-publishing—consultation on the best way to self-publish your book, eBook conversion, score typesetting, and indexing.

Books and eBooks Edited and/or Published:

Dance with the Devil by Bernie Lau9x6 paperback. Imprint: Bernard Lau Media. (Edited/layout/published)
   This autobiography of ex-undercover narcotics agent Bernie Lau begins with his birth in war-torn France, and continues through his upbringing in a Chinese famiy in Hawaii, his experiences as one of the first Caucasians to be allowed to learn aikido, his terms of enlistment as a submariner and navy diver during the Cold War, and his career in the Seattle Police Department as an undercover vice and narcotics agent.

Dance with the Devil—Collector's Edition by Bernie Lau8x10 paperback. Imprint: Bernard Lau Media. (Edited/layout/published)
  This is the deluxe edition of the autobiography of ex-undercover narcotics agent Bernie Lau, from his birth in war-torn France up to his retirement from the Seattle Police Department. The Collector's Edition includes historical photos from the early days of aikido in Hawaii as well as Bernie's navy career, including Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem inspecting the U.S.S. Bluegill.

Perish Your Publisher by John Spiers9x6 Paperback and Kindle editions. Imprint: Seattle Teachers' College Press. (Edited/layout/indexed/eBook conversion)
      John Spiers, international small business trade expert and self-publishing author of How Small Business Trades Worldwide, shares his experiences and observations on the synergy of writing and teaching and the potential for profit. He also sets forth an integrated publishing/marketing plan that includes detailed instructions on how to have your book printed abroad and imported into the U.S. As part of his "Perish Your Publisher" methodology, John eschews POD and maintains an inventory of his books. Read the book to find out how he eliminates the risk of unsold inventory!

The Life of John Opheim by Richard Opheim8½x11 paperback and Kindle editions. Imprint: Okamehachimoku Media. (Edited/layout/published/eBook conversion)
      John Opheim was born into an impoverished family in Norway, emigrated to the U.S., and worked his way up to General Storekeeper for the Great Northern Railway. In spite of adversity, disappointment, and even tragedy, he managed to build an impressive career and a happy home life.
     This is a good example of how one can produce a "private book" for next to no investment using CreateSpace. The 148-page, non-fiction paperback has 78 images, a bibliography, and an index. The cover was created using CreateSpace's online cover designer.

The Yakuza Mistress by Alexis Kim9x6 paperback and Kindle editions. Imprint: Okamehachimoku Media. (Edited/layout/published/eBook conversion)
      This fiction paperback is about a poor girl from a rural area in the Philippines who goes to Manila to seek her fortune. Her journey takes her to Japan, where she works as an entertainer and becomes involved with the Japanese underworld. Can she hold on to her moral values while awash in the materialism of Japan's nightclub scene? This is the first book from author Alexis Kim who has lived in Japan and seen Japanese society from the Filipino point of view.  

Ted Van DoornA Memoir by Ted Van Doorn and Christopher UptonKindle edition. Imprint: Robot X Books. (eBook conversion)
     Ted Van Doorn's autobiographical memoir relates his experiences growing up half-Dutch, half-Japanese in early Showa Japan. At the beginning of WWII, he was drafted into the Imperial Japanese Army and sent to Manchuria. With Japan's defeat in 1945, he was captured by Soviet forces and sent to a gulag in Siberia for several years. After repatriation, he immigrated to the United States.
     This private book, published by Robot X Books, is one of the greatest page-turners of its kind I've come across so far. Anyone interested in Japan will certainly enjoy reading it.

The Taste of KyotoA Guide to Dining and Sightseeing in the Old Capital by Richard Opheim9x6 paperback and Kindle editions. Imprint: Okamehachimoku Media. (Authored/edited/layout/published/indexed/eBook conversion)
     A guide to 89 tourist attractions and 55 conveniently-adjacent shops featuring various styles of Japanese food, but concentrating mostly on Washoku. If there's one place you ought to go on your trip to Japan, that's Kyoto. As the capital city from 794 to 1869, Kyoto became the repository of the lion's share of Japanese art and architecture and was the scene of most of the important developments in aesthetics. 
     A tourist would be hard put to visit all of the tourist attractions mentioned in the book in less than a month's timeit would not be a leisurely undertaking. And while in Kyoto, it would be a pity not to sample another of the city's treasurestraditional Kyoto-style Japanese cuisine. The main purpose of this guidebook is to facilitate the busy tourist's access to good, traditional, not too expensive, but authentic Kyoto-style Japanese cuisine.