Resistance / / Israel - Romania: 46 Mil MU

Good things often come unexpected.

Aug 26th, 2013. Agent Tzafrir Rehan was talking smack with an enemy Enlightened agent on public COMM, just as Romanian agent Mihail Dadun (XMihail) was visiting Israel. Recognizing agent Tzafrir's name from previous #SitRep 's and #IngressReports, he said hi in comm.

It was immediately obvious that though far away, and with the island country of Cyprus and the mainland country of Turkey in the way, Romania and Israel are in fact within (link amplified) range of each other! A meeting was set to that same evening, and keys were exchanged. We now had in Haifa, Israel two keys to Mar Tower of Constanța, Romania.

The Plan

There was only one way to go about this - big! Israel's two corners were to be used for this operation, the Golan Heights at the north, and Eilat at the south. Agent Aaron Vornovitsky, who joined agent Tzafrir to the key exchaging meeting, received a message from agent Andrey Klinger that read "I'm going to Eilat tomorrow morning, do you need anything?"

Surely such perfect timing could not come by chance. It was clear that a certain detection algorithm wanted this field to happen. A morning drop just before agent Andrey left for his road trip to Eilat ensured that a key to Romania will safely reach Eilat.

The Portal

If portals could speak, the portal "Monument traffic lights" in Eilat would be talking all day long. Eilat isn't a regular city in many ways. It has no VAT tax, it has only one Ingress agent, and it has no traffic lights at all.
In 1992 the first traffic circle was built, replacing the traffic light in that junction, and over 15 years all junctions in Eilat became traffic circles.
In their memory, the Traffic Lights monument was built (in the middle of a traffic circle, obviously).

The primal XM concentration around it inspired Stanislav Voloshenko to take a picture of it, and he uploaded it to Panoramio on 2009. Little did he know that it was destined to become a portal 3 years later.

There are many portals in Eilat nowadays, but this primal portal has been shining above them all.
Every single large field that connected Eilat with other portals to cover Israel, both blue and green, used this portal as one of the field's corners.

It was this portal that was upgraded by a group of 6 Resistance agents, to connect Israel with Cyprus on Operation Flaming Sword. It was this portal that was later Jarvised by two Enlightened agents to connect Israel with Lebanon on Operation Arc Light. With all this action, and with Resistance agent Yaniv Cohen's stock of ADA refactors, it became a level 8 portal, worthy of its XM output.

It was properly shielded and agent Yaniv never let it out of his sight, knowing that if it is destroyed, it will take a great effort for both teams to bring it back to a level that will allow creating long distance links.


Disaster strikes without warning.

Aug 28th, 2013. Reports were coming in from agents in the field. Confusion. Panic. "Mod limit reached" it said, after installing only one mod. Anxiety. Then worse discoveries were being reported and verified by agents - installed mods could not be removed, regardless of who installed them. Anger. Despair.

The only L8 portal in Eilat, one that is almost impossible to rebuild, was fully shielded, while we needed three link amplifiers on it in order to cross the 1720km distance!

Agent Yaniv was not perplexed. He knew what needed to be done. When you need something gone, you shoot at it.
By using a Jarvis virus, it was possible to fire XMPs at the portal and destroy the shields. When the resonators reached critical health, a combination of ADA refactor and yet another Jarvis virus brought them to full health, and more XMPs were fired until there were three open mod slots.

Agent Andrey, having reached Eilat with a key to Constanta, used an ADA refactor to flip the portal into its current blue L8 state, and deployed a single link amplifier. Agent Yaniv then installed another link amplifier, making it two out of the required three.

At this point we considered our next move.
Yaniv's wife is an inactive Resistance agent. Usually not playing, it was possible to ask her to deploy the third needed link amplifier, but since both teams in Israel are currently suffering because of players who use multiple account, and are actively working to fight this phenomenon, we wanted to avoid having the appearance that we were using an extra account to circumvent the mod restrictions.

We spent so long thinking about it, that on Aug 30th, 2013, the restriction was relaxed and each player was able to deploy two mods. 15 minutes after the change was introduced, Yaniv installed the third link amplifier and Constanța was now in the portal's range.

Clearing the path

The blocking links were numerous, and of both colors. Resistance agents were dispatched in Cyprus, Turkey and Romania to clear the links' path or help us coordinate clearing, and we are thankful for their efforts.

They are:
  • Cyprus
    • Alexander Mamchenkov
    • Yana Yereshko
  • Turkey
    • John Zourbakis
    • Lokman altın
    • Cem Öner
  • Romania
    • Ducu Alx
    • Theodor D.
    • Sasha Robert
It is possible more agents took part in this operation without our knowing, by remote coordination. We thank those nameless heroes as well for their Resistance spirit!

Creating the field

Sep 1st, 2013. Agent Yaniv Cohen was at the Traffic Lights circle. Agents Tzafrir Rehan, Aaron Vornovitsky and Shay Raikin were at Mt. Bental in the Golan Heights. Agent Vadim Smilansky was at his command post, providing a top down view. Local agents in Constanța removed the final blocking link. The field was created, with an additional inner field to Cyprus using leftover keys from operation Flaming Sword, covering a total of 46 Million Mind Units.

The Struma

February 1942. MV Struma left from the port of Constanţa trying to take several hundred Jewish refugees from Axis-allied Romania to Mandatory Palestine, and was shot down by a soviet submarine. 781 refugees died in this disaster, and did not get to rebuild their lives and create a family in Israel. This field is dedicated to their memory.