Our Mission

The field of Operations Management has a long history.   Its roots have in part been attributed to Frederick W. Taylor's systematic approach to scientific management at the beginning of the twentieth century, along with its reknowned application by Henry Ford in assembly line management.
Yet at its very core, the ability to apply scientific management to production relied on the support of related elements at the focus of other modern fields (HR management, finance, accounting, etc.).  Hence the practice of OM has never been truly detatched from the practice of other areas of management.  In fact it served as one of the FOUNDING divisions of the Academy of Management. 
Unfortunately, the study of various management fields has progressed largely in a siloed fashion - hence one of the key reasons for criticisms of poor applicability of much of the existing management literature. The MISSION of Operations Management Frontiers is to help academics in an effort to more extensively bridge these silos by capitalizing on the knowledge of existing though limited bridgework and prospective bridging opportunities.  We hope to accomplish this through an open dialogue on the history and future of OM and its links to other management fields.