Written and Directed by Larry Bryant, Follow the beat traverses the history of Urban music beginning with the dance troupes  in South Africa and ending with a group of innovative teenagers on the street corners of New York City. Find yourself inside a time machine that forces you to fasten your seatbelts and follow the beat with dance, poetry and live performances from music greats like Whitney Houston, Billie Holiday, The Surpremes, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and many many more!






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Follow Larry-Bryant, ex-us army soldier through this exciting journey of Faith, Hope, and Redemption. Follow him and the events that would lead to his discharge from the U.S Military causing him to return home to St.Petersburg, Florida, A basic training unit in it's own respect. After going through several life threatening incidents and encounters with the supernatural he is left with no choice but to apply his soldier disciplines once again. Witness how his hunger,heart, and hustle would outweighs the odds that were stacked against him and force him to answer to the call upon his life.He comes to the realization that everything in his life is nothing more than a setup that births the "Certified Soldier" that he was predestined to be before the beginning of time.

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