How Can I Start a Green Teen?

Green Teen Clubs are not too hard to start.



How Can I Start  Green Teen?

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Follow these simple steps to start your own:

1--Find an adviser for your club if you plan to start a club at school. Most of these steps focus on school Green Teens.

2--Write a friendly and polite letter to your principal asking permission to start a club. Tell your principal when your club will meet, what you'll be doing, and who will take part in it. Re-contact the principal if there is no answer in a week and a half.

3--Once the club gets a thumbs-up, ADVERTISE!! Set a date and time for the meeting and put up posters, put it on the school's morning announcements, and spread it by word of mouth.

4--During the first meeting, tell the group what your plans for the club are and ask if anyone has any ideas or comments. Design an adgenda for the next meeting including projects the club has decided on.

5--You've done it! You have created your own Green Teen club and now it's up to you and the club for your next achievements! Good luck!