The Graveyard

...To those who gave their lives in the line of duty
 Wounded In Action  
Servo Motor
Cause of Injury: Over-Zealous Programming and Self-Strangulation
Time of Accident: March 28th at 2:30pm
Witness: Korey Haug
Suspect: Sam Clippinger (By Bad Influence)
Weapon of Choice: (Integer) Boundary Violation
Return: Likely with Adequate Supervision
 Killed In Action  
Weather Balloon
Cause of Death: Bloating
Time of Death: March 29th 2:00am
Witnesses: Korey Haug
Suspect: Korey Haug
Weapon of Choice: Witness Claims Sabotage, Foul Play Suspected
Case Status: Under Investigation
Picture Not Available. Remains Missing.
Motor Controller
Cause of Death: Electrocution
Time of Death: March 31st at 10:30pm
Witnesses: Sam Clippinger, Korey Haug, Tom
Suspect: Unknown (Witness Details Inconsistent)
Weapon of Choice: 6 Volt Battery
Case Status: Investigation Tabled Pending Evidence
Brushless Motor (x3)
Cause of Death: Smoke Exhalation
Time of Death: April 1st 11:00pm
Witnesses: Korey Haug
Suspects: Sam Clippinger (accessory), Korey Haug
Weapon of Choice: Over Exertion
Case Status: Cased Closed. Perpetrators on Security Footage.
Various Wires
Cause of Death: Exceeded (Electrical) Potential
Time of Death: Varying (And Ongoing)
Witnesses: Various (All Uncooperative)
Suspects: None
Weapon of Choice: Application of Direct Current
Case Status: Cases Closed. Deaths Ruled Due to Natural Causes.
Servo Motor
Cause of Death: Disobeying Egon, Crossing the Streams
Time of Death: April 3rd 8:30pm
Witnesses: Korey Haug, Will Sharp
Suspect: Sam Clippinger
Weapon of Choice: Misapplication of Current
Case Status: Case Closed.
Missing in Action (Presumed Dead)
Weather Balloon #2
In custody since: March 25 5:30pm
Last seen: Flying away
Guard on Duty: Will Sharp
Possible death: Extra-atmospheric explosion of epic proportions
Have a lead? Contact for plane rerouting