More to explore


Do you love nature? Take time to enjoy spending time in nature and also explore all the ways that nature is celebrated by different cultures in the arts (eg: paintings, sculpture, music, books, film etc…). You can also explore these sites (with your parents permission):

NGA: "Forest Scene," c. 1655, Jacob van Ruisdael

NGA: "Wivenhoe Park, Essex," 1816, John Constable

NGA: "Lake Lucerne," 1858, Albert Bierstadt

USFWS: Trough the Lens - Reflections

Teachers and Homeschoolers

Free curriculum resources to facilitate a celebration of nature:

Get to Know: Contour Drawing

Get to Know: Art in the Park Guide

NGA: Arcimboldo: Nature and Fantasy

NGA: Teachers Resources - Landscape Paintings

NGA: Teachers Resources - Dutch Golden Age


Encourage your children to play outside and take them to zoos, parks and other places where they can enjoy being in nature. Also enable them to experience how different cultures celebrate nature by visiting art galleries, reading (and just looking at) relevant books and experiencing nature inspired music, songs and other performances (live and recorded):

Nature in Art Images

Creating Worlds Exhibition: Artists responses to sustainability and nature

Ocean to Outback Exhibition: Landscape Paintings with Google Earth links to visit the places they depict

NPS: Parks - A setting for inspiration

NPS: Park Soundscapes - What does nature sound like?

NPS: Music Collection