6 March

Nature is Amazing!

Nature is awe inspiring and it is important to take time to revel in it’s wonder. Spending time and effort protecting and restoring nature is vital but every now and then take the time to remind yourself why and to connect with others working towards the same goals. This month’s activity sheet provides many opportunities to celebrate nature both locally and globally.

Activities Celebrating Nature

Hint: You can use these activities as ideas for the “Choose your own” activity on the activity sheet if you would like.

Nature Art

Go for a walk and use natural materials you find on the ground (eg: sticks and stones) to make art installations in nature for others to find on their walks.

What type of place did you create your nature art? (eg: forest or park)

What materials did you use?

Circular nature art on the ground made form stones and plant materials

Host an Earth Party

Invite your friends over for an Earth party (with your parent’s permission). Have a picnic outside with Earth friendly snacks and drinks and play in the garden or at a park. If you have time you could create a group performance celebrating nature and perform it for your families and neighbors.

How many friends did you invite to your Earth party?

If you created a performance tell us about it.

Colorful mask with a butterfly like pattern