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Lots of appliances and electronics use energy when they're left plugged in! Check the outlets around your house and classroom to see what's plugged in. Ask your parents and teachers what could be unplugged or where they could use an advanced power strip to cut energy costs. Don't unplug anything without permission!

See the heat!

You can borrow a thermal camera from the Mary Riley styles Public Library that hooks onto a smart phone. The camera shows different colors where things are hot or cold. Take pictures of the doors, windows, floor and ceilings inside your house to show where air is leaking in or out. If air is leaking in or out of your home, more energy is needed for heating and cooling. Show the pictures to your parents and talk to them about possible ways to prevent air leaks and save energy.



If you are interested in learning more about energy visit your local library or explore these sites (with your parents permission):

US Energy Information Administration

EnergySTAR Kids

National Energy Education Development Project

Energy.gov: Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics

Teachers and Homeschoolers

Free energy curriculum resources:

Virginia Energy Sense Energy Education

National Energy Education Development Project Curriculum

Energy.gov Teach and Learn

Recursos de Educación Energética en Español


Free tips to reduce your home energy use

Home Energy Tips