5 February

Wildlife in Winter!

Winter is a difficult time for local wildlife. We can show we care by providing food, water and shelter to help them survive, not just in winter, but all year round. Winter is also a good time to think about animals near and far and how we are all connected. This month’s activity sheet focuses on caring for wildlife everywhere.

Wildlife Focused Activities

Hint: You can use these activities as ideas for the “Choose your own” activity on the activity sheet if you would like.

Bird Feeder Love

Bird feeders make winter survival much easier for many local birds. Different birds prefer to eat from different types of feeders though (eg: tray, tube, suet etc). If your family provides different types of feeders for birds watch them each for the same amount of time and record the types of birds you see at the different feeders.

Were the birds eating from the different feeders the same or different?

How many birds visited each feeder?

Amazing Wildlife!

Snuggle up with someone you love and ask them to tell you stories about their most amazing wildlife experiences. Listen carefully and then share your amazing wildlife stories with them.

Record the stories in writing or turn them into poems, songs, dances, plays or drawings to share with others.