1 October - Energy

Say BOO to Energy Waste!
October is US National Energy Awareness Month, and our activity sheet is full of fun things you can do outdoors in the beautiful Fall weather. But don't forget to check around your home and school for ways to save energy too.

Energy Awareness Activities
Hint: You can use these activities as ideas for the "Choose your own" activity on the activity sheet if you would like to.
Say NO to energy vampires!

Lots of appliances and electronics use energy when they're left plugged in, like electricity vampires! Check the outlets around your house and classroom to see what's plugged in. Ask your parents and teachers what could be unplugged or where they could use an advanced power strip to cut energy costs. Don't unplug anything without permission!

See the heat!
You can borrow a thermal camera from the Mary Riley styles Public Library that hooks onto a smart phone. The camera shows different colors where things are hot or cold. Take pictures of the doors, windows, floor and ceilings inside your house to show where air is leaking in or out. If air is leaking in or out of your home, more energy is needed for heating and cooling. Show the pictures to your parents and talk to them about possible ways to prevent air leaks and save energy.

Operation EarthWatch,
Sep 29, 2017, 9:16 AM