3 December

Winter Water Care!

As we share the festive spirit with our families and friends think of the environment also and be thoughtful in how you celebrate the season. This months activity sheet focuses on water – just as important in winter as it is in summer!

Water Focused Activities

Hint: You can use these activities as ideas for the “Choose your own” activity on the activity sheet if you would like.

Environmental Gifts for the Holiday Season!

Talk to your family about the possibility of giving some water saving gifts this Holiday Season! Some suggestions are:

- a soil moisture meter;

- a low flow shower head;

- a low flow faucet aerator;

- a garden faucet timer switch; or

- a rain barrel.

Water for Thirsty Birds

If the temperature drops below freezing birds will have trouble finding water to drink. They can get water by eating snow but it takes a lot of energy for their bodies to warm the water up inside them when they need this energy to survive. To help the birds, fill a shallow plastic plant saucer with water and put it outside for the birds to use. Every morning over winter empty any ice that has formed onto your garden, clean the saucer and replace it with fresh water.

Image by Veronica Prince, Deputy City Clerk