All of the Operation EarthWatch activity sheets for the school year will be available from the file list below. After your child completes the activity sheet, it should be returned to your child's homeroom teacher or to the school office by the due date. If you do not see the current month's activity sheet here, send an email to earthwatchcontact and let us know!

Operation EarthWatch Saves Paper!
Mount Daniel & TJ have lots of students! W
e only distribute printed activity sheets to all students at these schools in October and November. After November, only students who participated in both of the preceding months will continue to receive the printed sheets. If you didn't receive an activity sheet or need to replace it, you can download it from the list below. There will be a notice in the FCCPS Morning Announcements when a new sheet is available. In addition, there will be a few copies available at the Children's Desk at Mary Riley Styles Public Library and in your classroom.
Operation EarthWatch,
Sep 29, 2017, 12:45 PM