5 February - Waste Reduction

 Have you ever thought about how much food we waste? Food we don't eat in a restaurant, leftovers we forget in the fridge, food that gets too stale to eat - we throw away a LOT of food. Americans waste more than 200 pounds of food per person every year. That's probably about four times as much as you weigh!

You can help by not putting more food on your plate than you're going to eat. At home, ask for a small portion to start with. You can always ask for more if you're still hungry. If you're eating out with friends or family, plan to share part of your meal or set it aside on your plate to take home.
Wasting food wastes all the work that the farmer put into growing it, all the materials it took to package it, all the fuel it took to ship it to the store or restaurant and all the money it cost to buy it. Saving a little food waste saves a whole lot more for Planet Earth!

[Image by jbloomCC License]

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