Operation EarthWatch Survey available here.

Please help us improve Operation EarthWatch, a Falls Church City volunteer-run environmental program that has been going strong for 25 years! If you have children in K-5 in the city (Mount Daniel, Thomas Jefferson, Saint James, or Home schooled) we'd love to hear from you - even if you don't participate. THANK YOU!

25th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, May 26, 2018!!!
All current and former EarthWatchers, parents, teachers, sponsors, partners, and friends are invited to join us to celebrate this uniquely home-grown Falls Church program that has inspired environmental action in thousands of children. Join us!

Operation EarthWatch is an environmental
for City of Falls Church elementary school students at Mt. Daniel, Thomas Jefferson, and St. James. The program is organized by the Education Task Group of the Environmental Sustainability Council of the City of Falls Church and was established in 1993. About 200 children participate in the program each year.

Participation runs from October through March. During these months, your child will perform activities that demonstrate Earth stewardship by recycling and reuse, waste reduction, energy conservation, nature care, and water conservation. Students are welcome to participate at any time during the school year. If a student takes part for all six months, s/he will receive an Operation EarthWatch T-shirt and have the option of marching with us in the Memorial Day parade.
Students who participate for K-5 at Mt. Daniel and Thomas Jefferson, or K-6 at St. James, will have their names placed on a plaque sponsored by the Lions Club and displayed at their school.
Civic organizations and businesses in the City sponsor the purchase of our T-shirts!