Operation Drum
Tyneside Scottish Branch Royal Artillery Association
 In 2010 the President of the of the Royal Artillery Association Tyneside Scottish Branch, Colonel Tony Glenton, was contacted by Yves Holbecq, Pipe Major of the Somme Battle Field Pipe Band about a drum he had purchased from a French lady. The drum had been found by her father in law in May 1940 near Fervant in Northern France during the British retreat to Dunkirk. He hid it away in his attic fearing the Germans would not look too kindly on the holding of British Army equipment, and there it remained, forgotten, until 2010. On the drum, a small plaque was dedicated to 2/Lt William Basil Catto, 4th Battalion Tyneside Scottish.
Yves recognised the historical importance of the drum and began a quest to repatriate the drum back to the Tyneside Scottish.

Catto Drum
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