Welcome to the Agent-run archive for Operation DAWNBLOOM. Here you can find information on past events in the Operation, the members of Special Taskforce Q98A66, and other notable topics. You can use the search bar above or the links in the sidebar to find information.

A Note for Non-TBW Players
The lore behind the Black Watchmen is substantial, with two Seasons and two DLCs worth of content to draw from as well as lore from events that occurred prior to the game in its current state being launched via Steam. As a result, newcomers to this operation may find that references are being made to events and people which they are unfamiliar with and which aren't directly related to the operation (yet). One way to try and catch up with some of the lore is to read through the Almanac, while keeping in mind that it does contain a lot of spoilers for the Steam game. Alternatively, new agents can contact any of the 'Senior Agents' listed in the sidebar of the Discord with yellow usernames, and we will do our best to bring you up to speed. Agent codex, who maintains this wiki, would be especially pleased to help any newcomers.

Additionally, readers of this wiki will find that players are referred to as 'agents' throughout. This is standard practice in The Black Watchmen. Most agents involved in the game will blur the lines between role play and real life on a regular basis, so anything that is said in relation to an agent's real life or persona should be taken with a grain of salt. When in doubt, ask!

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