Operation Baa Ram Ewe


We are sick of the media being misleading on their information. Time to prove they do not check their sources thoroughly on a delicate subject throughout the world. By posting information on cases about the new epidemic 'the Swine Flu' a shitstorm will occur. Time to pay the media back once and for all.
Instructions located to the left.. "


We might have been compromised



Fellow anonymous. As you are no doubt aware, our
beloved image board's cancer has gone from bad to worse.
Who is to blame? As you are no doubt aware, Faux News, the
network for gullible Republicans, recently published an article
on anonymous leading to many fagots, niggers, cancerbats and furries
finding their way to /b/.

Being the intelligent and discerning /b/tards that you are, you
are also probably aware that today's journalism is full of PR,
Propaganda, distortion and Scaremongering. Today we begin our strike
back at this Mass-Produced ignorance. The "Pig-Flu" story has
led to many lulzworthy headlines, but not the the extent that
the entire News industry has been ridiculed.

Our attack will be relentless. We will post fake stories of the Flu's outbreak,
shoop pictures of the "deadly virus", and spread hearsay everywhere
we go, until Newspapers are printing headlines heralding he Zombie
Apocalypse and until Faux News and all the other News Firms are
exposed to be the failures that they are.

We begin by posting hearsay and pseudo-science on the web pages of the
Right Wing Press (Known to never check their sources." It will be
a matter of time until they blow this out of proportion and the
panic of a flu pandemic grips the world.

Don't fuck this up /b/, do this subtly. Do it for the lulz.

The news is the main provider of information around the world. All information provided to civilians around the world should be true non propagandist or misleading. We as civilians on this earth deserve the truth. However the media fails to provide us with correct information. Today we shall prove this. We shall explore the media's gullible ways and prove to the world that they are a misleading source of information. This act is for everyone, in the world.

Operation Progress:

Round Two:

12:00: Twitter Raid sucessful, news story released. See above.

Anon you now have the information, now it's up to you.

This is bringing justice to news, providing us with propaganda and misleading information for all these years. This time, we mislead them. This time we they suffer through their own mistakes drastically.
The media is the only one to be blamed for this if it's a success. Not us.

Greetz to:
SpecialK | DISABLE` | Professori | e | MexicanPiglet | PolarBearSlayer  | Anon1 | and every other anon participating.

irc.anonnet.org #swine - WebIRC


Anonymous Email:

Facebook Group:
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=37862008276 (spread lulz here)

Raid Information:

STEP ONE: Make a few Gmail accounts. (Gmail does not show your IP address) or http://www.sendanonymousemail.net/

STEP TWO: Go to the following places and give them false tips of the Swine Flu in your local area (and that two or three have died)
Send the fake flu tips to everyone.



STEP THREE: Raid www.wikipedia.org - Using provided logins or your own, give false reports on the flu causing massive shitstorm for wiki readers. Wikipedia will be a large provider of information for the flu for everyone, get this right and the raid will be a success.

STEP FOUR: Public Raid, on buses, trains discuss the flu talking of how relatives are currently suffering. Spread shit among friends. Start rumors. Begin handing out masks to public in masses. The public is the key to causing shitstorm. Wear masks casually, this also keeps you anonymous but causes shitstorm.

: Social Network raid, post personal concerns for the flu virus and suspected infected family members, friends etc. Fast way to get information around to many people.

http://www.tbn.org/index.php/9/48.html Send a prayer out to family members,relatives, civilians suffering from the flu.

STEP SEVEN: Inform people on http://answers.yahoo.com of fake information regarding people infected with the flu.

RESULT: World Chaos and Confusion.
BaaRam Ewe,
27 Apr 2009, 12:19