Please, Help me keep this project going. 


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Thank You

In order to keep Operation: A Sisters Love going I need help. I am only 13 and my parents don't pay me enough to buy the amount of fleece that I would like to help as many kids, as I can. That is where I need your help.

I will accept pay pal but you will need a Pay Pal account to complete the transaction.

Or, if you prefer....

Make a check payable to:

"Operation a Sisters Love"

Community First Credit Union

PO Box 1482

Appleton WI 54915


Beginning a project can be tough but when,

Love is the motive, it is easier then.

Allie’s new project is all about caring

Not for attention or ego; but sharing

Kindness shown others, like

Emma and friends.

Taking some time     

She makes blankets for them.


Blankets for snuggling, comfort and


Allie’s sweet project has roots from above

Neighbors and relatives all can join in

Kindness and caring help

Everyone win!

Take time for kindness, and show them some love 

Share in this project with roots from above.  


Thank You