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 Me and my friend making the first blanket.


This is the tag we are currently using to put on the blankets.



Half of the blankets being stored in the hallway.


Here I am presenting my first blanket to Hailey Meltz-Her website is

She has an Optic Glioma like Emma, and is also undergoing Chemo at American Family Children's Hospital.  I also gave her sister Faith a blanket because I understand that siblings are important too. 



This is my Dad shoving all the blankets into our van. We had 11 bags of 6 blankets crammed into the back.

This is My Mom, The Child Life lady (Chris) and myself hauling part of the blankets to  the storage room for future  patients as I already filled up the  room in the day treatment area.  I was allowed to give a few blankets to a couple of people in the waiting room today and that made all the work worth it. Seeing the smiles on the kids and their parents faces was great and made me want to make more blankets. :)

Here we are putting the overflow blankets into the storage room until they could be given to more patients. They even found out about the blankets up in the inpatient rooms and they asked if they could have some of them. So I told them that they could do it as long as it puts smiles :) on their faces.


Today we dropped off another 83 blankets. The routine of dropping them off is the same but the faces on the kids and their parents never gets old. It is so worth the work when it brings so much joy.

Above, my sister and I are waiting for the Child Life people to come and help distribute the blankets.

Here they are planning out what areas of the Hospital could use the blankets the most. We are also loading them up on the wagons too.


How did we get this many blankets?

Well I have a lot of help. My Aunts 4H club, and my friends girl scout troop made a bunch for me to bring. But I also had a blanket party. The Holiday Inn of Appleton donated a meeting room for us to work in. This was really fun because I got my friends together and all we did was make blankets and talk. Oh ya, we had a good lunch donated by Jimmy Johns too.


Here we are making blankets, We were tying 3 at a time while the mom's were cutting the blankets. My Dad said it was like factory precision.

Mmmmmmm Lunch!

This was really fun to do and I will do this again when I raise enough money to make more than 47 blankets. But I guess that will be another event.