Dress Code

War Memorial Opera House

Volunteer Usher Dress Code

The goal is to look part of the ushering team, not to call attention to yourself.

Volunteers who are not dressed according to these guidelines risk being turned away at the door.

  • Skirt or dress-slacks with matching jacket; dress; or suit. Color must be solid: black, navy, or very dark gray
  • Any blouse or sweater should be black or white; a jacket is required if white is worn.
  • Black or skin-toned stockings. If knee-highs are worn with a skirt, they must be significantly higher than the hem of the skirt or dress so neither the band or the bare leg is visible.
  • Black dress shoes are preferred; black flats, sandals, or low pumps are acceptable when worn with black stockings. Plain black boots may be worn with slacks or long skirts. Footwear should be clean and easy to stand and walk in.
  • Solid black, dark blue, or dark gray suit, or a jacket and matching slacks in these shades.
  • White or light blue shirt with a dark or subtle tie; bow ties are OK.
  • Dark socks.
  • Black dress shoes or boots. Footwear should be polished and easy to stand and walk in.
For both men and women:
  • Fragrances, if used, must not be so strong as to call attention to yourself in a closed elevator or from any nearby seat in the auditorium.
  • Please avoid wearing jewelry that could make noise and be distracting to the performance.
Regarding cell phones:
  • If you carry a cell phone, be sure the ringer is set to silent or off while you are in the Opera House.
  • If you need to make or take a call at any time, please remove your badge before using your cell phone.
Please Remember:
  • Always bring a pen or pencil and a flashlight.
  • Always bring your name tag. While on duty, name tags/badges should be clearly visible.
  • If you are are finished with your ushering duties, on a break, reading, eating, chatting with other volunteers, or doing anything which might make you seem unapproachable, please remove your badge.

A PDF of the Dress Code is available.