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Dress Code - revised 6/20/16

The goal is to look professional, part of the ushering team, not to call attention to yourself.

With one exception, clothing, including scarves, must be solid black. The exception is a solid white shirt/blouse/top, which is covered by a black jacket. Sleeveless clothing must also be covered with a jacket or sweater. Jacket and tie are required for men. Skirts should be knee-length or longer.

Shoes and boots should be black and plain. No open-toed shoes, no lace-up boots.

Badges, worn near the shoulder, must be visible while on duty. While off-duty (using phone, eating, reading, etc.), badges should be removed.

For every position a flashlight and pen or pencil is required.

Bags and headwear:
Black bags smaller than 10 by 10 inches may be worn. Larger bags, hats, and caps should be stored in a closet.

In cold positions black coats may be worn.

Any fragrance must be subtle enough to avoid attracting attention from people nearby.

(basic revision posted March 19, 2016; "no open-toed shoes" added June 20)