Carpooling Information

As volunteer ushers from north and south of San Francisco, we have created an e-mail group for each direction as a resource to assist ushers in getting to the Opera House, either one-time or with ongoing carpools.

To become a member, use the "Sign in . . . " link on the OHUG North Bay or South Bay home pages. Access to those pages can be gained from Links on the navigation sidebar on the left side of this and all regular OHUG pages.*

Once part of an OHUG carpooling group, you are encouraged to post your scheduled performances, interests, or needs. Many volunteers have already benefited from this service and the groups are growing. Here are samples of how to post:

        - Have room: I'm ushering on <DATE(S)> - anyone want a ride?
        - Need ride: I'm ushering on <DATE(S)> - can anyone give me a ride?
        - Schedule: Here's my <SCHEDULE> - anyone want to take turns driving?
        - I want to sign up for <DATE>, but would need a ride.
        - Other needs that you wish to have addressed

Initially, please communicate through the group, so that your message will to be available to all members. You can then communicate via e-mail directly with the ushers who meet your carpooling needs.

If you have a problem in logging in, follow the help directions, which will allow you to reset your account.   We look forward to hearing from you.

Carol (North)
and Becky (South)
Group Managers

* Note that you will need a Google account as part of this process. You can establish one by clicking on the "Create account" link you will see on the Google pages.