Free - Open Street Map Garmin Cycle UK

The site is for those looking for a road cycle, routable open street map which includes the UK cycle paths. It is effectively an OSM map with the Cycle layer. I have a Garmin Edge 800 for my road bike and I have found these maps to be the best (my personal opinion). Have a try yourself.

I have been doing a lot of searching for a good OSM map for Garmin GPS that also include the UK Cycle paths and cycle ways.

Talkytoaster offers great maps but doesn't include national cycle routes.

Velomap is great, but seems to give strange routing for me - it even routed my down the Thames in London ! I've read somewhere that it is designed for Europe and because of its clever design, routes OK for Europe but does strange things in the UK.

What I really wanted was the OSM Open Street Map with the Cycle layer. There are such maps on other sites, but I couldn't find one which was up to date.

After much investigation and trial & error, I finally felt that it was time follow the guide an build the OSM + Cycle Layer myself as described here

It works great. It gives all of the detail and routing of talkytoaster, with great routing and includes the UK cycle network - perfect.

So for those not technical I wanted to share the maps as I build them

These maps are routable and cover the UK. I've picked these for use on a road bike.

 Date OSM Cycle Map
 10th January 2013
 OSM Cycle Routes - Routable Jan 2013
 2nd February 2013
 OSM Cycle Routes - Routable Feb 2013
 1st April 2013
 OSM Cycle Routes - Routable Apr 2013
 1st July 2013
 OSM Cycle Routes - Routable Jul 2013

Just put it into the /Garmin folder of your SD card - and enable it.
Remember to disable the other maps on your garmin (if you have any).

I have setup by Garmin EDGE 800 as follows. It seems to give good routing for me. I avoid "off road" as I use these maps for road cycling.