Alpha prototype under construction

See  Open Stirling Engine blog for the current status of the first prototype of the 4 cylinder alpha configuration engine.

Below is a simplified version of the design as modeled in Google SketchUp

The above picture is a screen shot from the Sketchup model I have for the design.  I have uploaded the file.  It is not complete and not all pieces are not shown.  Once I get my real life prototype running I will update it.  See below for a picture of the actual engine and my blog for current pictures and status. 

Current version of the prototype

Assembled version with piston rod guides.  See blog for detailed status reports.
Having problems with polyethylene bags developing leaks, so not running yet. 

Attachment descriptions

stirlingEngine.skp version 1
Google Sketchup 3D model of the current design.  The current version is not complete, but is more up to date then the picture above.  Also all the parts are spread out, but most are hidden, so un-hide them so you can see each of the parts on its own.

Tom Belpasso,
Mar 20, 2011, 12:03 AM