Results of the Retrospective

We had a retrospective session on the #ALE2012 in Barcelona. Here are the results of these session.

Sheer numbers

160 deployments to test
24 deployments to production
8 committers (with pairs in background)
1649 lines of code
9 features
18 distinct commenters (in the app)

What did you learn from the Open Space Software Development Event?

(We try to read it from the post its. Please be generous with misreadings.) 
  • Continues Delivery is simple and easy.
  • We as agile team can great products.
  • Pair Programming
  • Passion helps a team PRODUCE!
  • In this environment we saw the same patterns as in real projects.
  • We as agile team can forgot agile practices with pressure.
  • Java is to slow develop on.
  • Technical practices are not applied even by top developers.
  • Do not use a database to store information for a small application.
  • Shipping is preferred to quality even tough both can happen in the same time.
  • Passion is an attractor.
  • People mistake YAGHI for shipping fast.
  • Spring is a nightmare
  • Architecture upfront should be minimalistic.
  • It works! Only a small number of tools to get things started.
  • KISS works.
  • We can do what ever we believe in.
  • Adrenalin was high because of the short time.
  • You can demo how to do continues integration.
  • Test are vital (+1)
  • Cutting corners don't pay off. No tests -> no refactoring
  • Technologie matter that much.
  • Sprit to deliver "every hour" even at the night.
  • Fail fast.
  • The casual contributer works.
  • Pairing as learning is vital.
  • Coding with strangers is a lot of fun.
  • Tests are necessary.
  • The PO has a lot of pressure.
  • You can trade quality for features.
  • A real tuck for Continues Deployment
  • Customer/End-User Feedback is the key
  • The role of testing and what testing means.
  • When to invoke testers
  • You can create a working team without many of the assumed preconditions.
  • Great way to prove agile practices works (selling point).
  • How to communicate bugs.
  • A group of strangers can become a TEAM in < 48 hours.
  • We used a surprising large number of agile practices.
  • Great helpful app to use
  • Amplifying behavior works!
  • International pair programming is hard (bring your own keyboard)
  • Most practices were used except TDD
  • The next thing to implement is all that matters.
  • Flying like a fighter pilot - instinctuel development
  • Great spirit
  • Test matter (after a few days)
  • Without continuous clean up it doesn't work (+1)
  • Failing is great; it's not a failure, it's just another experience
  • Common desire a purpose is the drive
  • Open room development works!!!
  • Plain Java is widely known, but highly unproductive
  • A lot on me; the ability to adopt to an unknown environment
  • New language/IDE platform

Which Agile Practices was used during the event?

 Used Not Used
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Pair Programming
  • Standups
  • Retrospectives
  • Visualization
  • Planning Game
  • Demo
  • Collected Feedback
  • Involved Users
  • Several Pivots
  • Walking Skeleton
  • KISS
  • Celebration
  • TDD (little bits)
  • Unit Tests
  • Refactoring
  • Simplest Design
  • Limited WiP
  • Code Review
  • Metaphors

Starfish (about the session)


  • Bring your own keyboard
  • We need some accelerated way of sharing (the ...)
  • Pormislous Pairs
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Code Review
  • Public release board -> For all clients to see what is new
  • Do more OSSWDEV in future conferences
  • Permanent link e.g.


  • Technology/Stack not fit for whole system test
  • 2 Persistent Units
  • Using DB at the start.


  • Simple App
  • everything
  • No improvement needed. Just try to experiment something else. Shipping is not he purpose. Learning is.
  • App with immediate use/value (+3, Bonus!)


  • Manual testing
  • Test infrastructure upfront
  • Try pathesis and metrics
  • Open collaboration with strangers
  • Clean Code
  • prepare test environment
  • make setup of environment more easy
  • better visualize the product roadmap and the backlog
  • Post correct/updated URL @ constant place


  • 2->1 DB