Open Source Social Media

                                         SocioBoard – An Open Source Social Media Management Tool to Cater All Social Management Needs

SocioBoard is an easy, advanced, flexible, personalized and scalable open source social media management tool to analyze and engage your target audience with great benefits such as for instance advanced scheduling and posting tools, interactive social discovery, prompt news feeds, social CRM, superior stats, help-desk incorporation, customized reports, collaboration tools and many more. Unlike other social media management tools, SocioBoard caters your customization requirements like specific content, governance, workflow etc. and enables you to pay attention to and engage your target audience in various engaging ways across several social media profiles through one easy system.
SocioBoard provides you with an open source network edition, paid enterprise edition and SaaS edition with unparalleled world class tech support team twenty-four hours a day. It makes it simple for one to monitor social accounts and offers all you need to construct your brand successful by effectively participating your market on a single platform.

Open Source Social Media

Highly-customizable & scalable open source device in various editions
Advanced scheduling and posting tools
Interactive social discovery tools and quick news feeds
Social CRM tools counting shared client records
Highly-efficient group collaboration tools
Advanced stats on numerous parameters
Customer care features like Help desk incorporation and tasks
24/7 Tech Support Team
Executable across numerous platforms and devices

Open Source Social Media platform

Why Open-Source?
There are lots of excellent tools readily available for controlling social media profiles, from content-management tools to analytic tools. But most of the methods accessible are solid within their structure, and can’t be personalized to generally meet the particular content, workflow, and customization needs of numerous businesses. By developing a personalized, opensource social media management tools, team scan design their own system on the road they run within the real life.

Social media entrepreneurs face the problem to gain access to technology that's versatile enough to generally meet their needs for acceptance workflow, conformity, asset-management, control, etc. the various tools readily available for controlling social networking are often missing, and perpetuate the problems in social media management by overemphasizing transmission content and vanity measurements. Entrepreneurs don’t concentrate on driving company results through social networking. 

Open Source Social Media

Brands continue to be utilizing social networking like a broadcast route.
Open source is an innovation within a business that will be mainly centered by big brand names, quite simply it’s a boon in a business which usually discusses significant quantities from end-customers. With several businesses contacting open source it's truly getting clear that cost isn't the only real benefit which open source retains against private software. 

SocioBoard is developed using MVC 4.0, ASP.NET, and JQuery with MySQL as back-end.

Products and Systems:
SocioBoard can be obtained on internet, PC and smartphones. We have Android and iOS applications which work-in conjunction using the web application.