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Why charge money?

I don't want to charge money for anything here. It is part of our heritage as humans. However. I've got children and bills, and all of those things take money.

I hate self-promotion. I hate the monetization of everything everywhere. Charging money on this project feels like both, but being paid tells me important things about the value of the work. As a result, I'm going down the pay route for one very specific reason. I want to know if this work is valuable. If it is, people will pay. If it isn't, they won't. And if it isn't valuable, I'll treat this more as fun that work. That is: the more I make, the more I can focus on this full-time. If I'm not making anything, I'll shift more to catch-as-catch-can and make these books because I want to own a copy for myself. 

On the flip side, I will strive to keep content relatively available and  prices as close to production costs as possible. I hope that as the project evolves that some of this will change.