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Upgrade OSDE

The upgrade procedure is described in this page. You'll be able to upgrade OSDE very easily, because Eclipse does everything.

Upgrade of OSDE

You can upgrade this OSDE with Software Updates.

1. Launch Eclipse IDE.

Launch your Eclipse IDE which has the previous version of OSDE.

2. Invoke Software Updates and Add-ons dialog.

Due to open the dialog for upgrading plug-in, you select the following menus.

  • [Help] -> [Software Updates]

3. Update

You can upgrade OSDE according to the following:

  • Select [Installed Software] tab.
  • Push [Update...] button.

If you have an old OSDE, you can find the new version of OSDE in Available Updates dialog.

  • Select the new version of OSDE, and push [Finish] button.

Eclipse starts to download and install new OSDE. If the intalling task has succeed, you can see the dialog to specify restarting Eclipse.

  • Push [Yes] button.

Upgrade complete after restarting Eclipse.