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Preview a gadget in iGoogle


It means that a gadget-developer can easily deploy (upload) his/her open-social gadget to a production container (say, iGoogle) from within OSDE, and then he/she can preview the gadget with live interaction with a production container.

Feature Description

  • task priority: p0=highest, p4=lowest
  • please see below for detailed steps
  1. Developer (right-)clicks on anyone of the following
    • (done) gadget.xml
    • (done) "OSDE" tab menu
  2. OSDE displays a dropdown list of functions.
  3. Developer selects "Run this application on production" and a (dropdown sub-menu) list of container options appear.
    • (done) Support iGoogle container
    • (p4) Prepare to support more containers.
  4. OSDE pops up a dialog asking for:
    • (done) google account and password
    • (done) a checkbox asking whether to use external browser or not
    • (done) preview home view or canvas view
    • (p2) if developer has already input account/password info, OSDE stores the corresponding session tokens and does not ask for account/password again during the current session.
    • (p4) country and language
  5. Devloper clicks on OK button
  6. OSDE interacts with iGoogle server to authenticate the user
  7. OSDE uploads gadget files to iGoogle server
    • (done) support one gadget xml file
    • (done) support multiple files
  8. OSDE opens a browser
  9. OSDE previews the gadget against iGoogle production server.
    • (done) support previewing the whole iframe of the gadget
    • (p4) support interacting with the whole iGoogle container (not just inside the iframe of the gadget) during preview.