Welcome Open School East Historians! This website will help us get started as we learn about World War II,and the role that as a Nation and people played in. My intention and goal for this unit is to give you as historians a look into our past through comic books. I will give a brief introduction on the start of the Golden Age of comic books, and after an introduction of the start of the World War II. I want you to examine how comic books where used as propaganda during WWII. I also want you to understand who benefited and was negatively impacted by using comic books as a way to tell a story. And how do we see media and art being used today to depict our role in War. 

The final project will be creating your own comic book cover or meme against or for the U.S. involvement during WWII. And write a reflection of 1-2 pages to this prompt:What can early comic book covers tell us abouthe U.S. role during World War II? How did it shaped the perception of our involvement during this time of history? How do you see U.S. War propaganda shaping your views on U.S. involvement on war today?