What is a Table Top Role-Playing Game?

Role-playing games, RPGS for short, are story telling games where players influence the story through characters they pretend to be, who are central to the story or scenario, and a player who acts as referee, called the game master or GM for short, who moves the game along by influencing events and playing the roles of the other characters. 

RPGs are enjoyed in a variety of ways, it can be serious or lighthearted fun. What is important in such a game is the shared consensus of how the participants intend to enjoy the game.


There are many Open RPG Systems out there, this one caters to Simulationists and Problem-Based Learners. This is Open Game System meant to be used for any era in human history, including the possibilities of alternate histories and future histories. This is also built with the intention of being used in Training Exercises for various Real World soft skills. This is a open project, there will be a Project Monitoring Toolset to track and see the progress of this system by about May 25, 2012. There will be various versions of this game system available for Play and for Training, as well as guidelines for converting Case Studies into Game Scenarios. Down the line I will make spreadsheet tools, the limits of my ability, that will automate some of the heavy prep-time.

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